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All of us feel stuck sometimes...

physically, emotionally, professionally, spiritually.  Climb down from life's roller-coaster and the proverbial "Entrepeneur's Carousel" and take the next step...we'll take you from inspiration and motivation to actual TRANSFORMATION...guaranteed.

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Children's Author/Actor/Singer Songwriter/Producer


Kym's first book, "Finney and the Talking Seeds"

featuring illustrations by   

Kevin Scott Collier

is available NOW in paperback and Kindle 

on Amazon!

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Book Reviews



Such a lovely little tale!

By Sharlene MacLaren 

Excellent Book for Youngsters!
I truly loved this delightful book. It's chock full of several wonderful little nuggets of truth about love, life, and laughter. You will endear yourself to the sweet simplicity of this precious tale, and your children will love it even more! Highly recommended!

Engaging. Excellent book. 

Great story. Nice message. 

A must share with grandchildren.
A good engaging story with positive message. 

For sure I suggest this book.

Love This Book!

I bought 4 of these adorable, fun and insightful books for the kids in my life. The messages in the story are for all ages and the talking seeds are cute as can be! 

You will love Finney and the Talking Seeds!

Adorable and captivating!

I love the parallel of Finney being like God and we the seeds. When we die to our own desires and wants, our loving God places us exactly where we need to be when we allow Him and make that decision. He really does have our best interest at heart; and it shows that He gives us the choice. His loving kindness is never forced upon. And when we do make that wrong decision, and turn to Him, He is a God of second chances.

Great lessons for young minds!

From discovery to rescue to independent choice to support, Finney’s “talking seeds” teach young and old alike, much like Aesop’s Fables of my youth, valuable life lessons. A sweet little story.

My grandkids love it!

The characters feel like friends...and I love the life lessons my kids get taught in each chapter. 

Heck, our whole family loves to read it together! Can't wait for the next one!

Seeds of Happiness

In a day and age where differences are feared and misunderstood we need more messages that plant “seeds” of acceptance. Acceptance with wisdom is how we learn to make boundaries and thrive where we are planted. The perspective that happiness will be found somewhere else or with something else is the very root of unhappiness that most are trying to remedy. This book is a fantastic read and a great message to plant in the minds of our children.

Great book for the whole family!

The creative writing and the parallels in the book are amazing and so insightful. I loved reading about Finney’s journey, and I am so excited for the next book to be released! 

What a great read for families!

Caring for others success

We are all different. We all have goals and dreams and decisions to make as we make our journey. We may be very different, but that should not interfere at all in helping each other live "our destiny" at all.

This is a great children’s book

We got this for our granddaughter who is in 4th grade, she loves it!! This is a great children’s book, we definitely recommend this book.


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