Making a Difference

Stop Human Trafficking


Bridges supports and works alongside three organizations that fight hard to end today's slavery: human trafficking.  With a focus on rescuing kids from this horrible life of sex trafficking, we urge you to join the fight and be a part of the solution.

Beautiful YOU


Bridges' owner, Kym Kurey, is partnering with Jim and Jenn Chandler in the release of "The Farmer and the Belle" bringing a much needed message of hope and true beauty and value to today's young women.  Media sets a false standard for "image" to which none of us can attain or maintain, so we need to look beyond media and society's unrealistic expectations for our value.  

Who or what determines your value?

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Our Kids


Between the ages of 0-5, our children's brains act like little, thirsty sponges, soaking up every and all input they are exposed to.  Everything.

With each new experience, beliefs are formed and stay with them for the rest of their lives.  

What are your kids learning from you?

Ideas / Suggestions


Do you have a cause you are passionate about?  Let us know and we may feature and promote it with you!

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